All aboard! Cambridge becoming a fish city!

Sustainable Fish City meetingThe University of Cambridge College catering departments have joined forces with Cambridge Sustainable Food to pledge their commitment to making Cambridge a Sustainable Fish City. As part of a campaign to transform Cambridge’s impact on our depleting fish stocks, catering departments from 15 of the Cambridge Colleges, who between them prepare around 2 million meals per year for students, Fellows and visitors, will now serve solely sustainable fish on their menus. We are really delighted that so many Cambridge colleges have become involved. The Colleges who have signed the sustainable fish pledge are: Churchill, Christ’s, Darwin, Fitzwilliam, Girton, Jesus, Madingley Hall, Magdalene, Peterhouse, Robinson, Selwyn, Sidney Sussex, St John’s, Trinity Hall, and The University Centre. They have each committed to serving only sustainable fish on their menus such as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish and those from the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘fish to eat’ list.

fish-214188_640Bev Sedley from Cambridge Sustainable Food said: “Without these important measures to promote the consumption of sustainable fish, some scientists estimate that, at the current rates of decline, most of the world’s fish stocks could collapse in our lifetimes. We are delighted to have so many of the Cambridge Colleges on-board and, with more pledges in the pipeline, this means that Cambridge is very near to achieving its first fish star for higher education, bringing the city as a whole closer to becoming a Sustainable Fish City.”

Ruth Westcott of the national “All Aboard: Sustainable Fish City” campaign, said: “It is fantastic to see 15 of the Cambridge Colleges taking action on sustainable fish already. They are incredibly important in helping Cambridge to achieve its ambition of becoming a Sustainable Fish City, because they serve so many thousands of students and staff each day. The same people also eat out in restaurants, have children in schools, and use other local catering services, and they will soon want to see sustainable fish on other menus across the city. We hope that the Colleges will be an inspiration to others in the city to follow suit.”

The photo shows, from left to right, Kevin Keohane of Christ’s College, Ruth Westcott of Sustain, Bev Sedley of Cambridge Sustainable Food and Rachel Mortimer-Holdsworth aof Trinity Hall t a meeting in Christ’s College

For further information, contact:

Bev Sedley, Cambridge Sustainable Food 07773 862982

Kevin Keohane, Christ’s College, chair of Colleges Catering Managers’ Environmental Committee 01223 334960

The Marine Stewardship Council has a Chain of Custody Certification scheme which guarantees sustainable fish.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. The voice for our seas for almost 30 years, MCS champions protection for marine wildlife, sustainable fisheries and clean seas and beaches. See their “fish on line’ rating system.

Sustainable Fish City is a campaign organised by an alliance of not-for-profit organisations, sustainable catering advisors and marine conservation specialists. Members of the Sustainable Fish City working group include Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Pisces Responsible Fish Restaurants and Seafood Choices (a project of SeaWeb). Sustainable Fish City is coordinated by Sustain: The alliance for better food and farming.