Dining out with a doggy bag

tgtwLogoA quarter of us will leave food on our plate when eating out, which we would probably have finished if eating at home.   Whether we’re saving room for the delicious dessert we’ve spotted or have over-ordered, our curious behaviour leads to UK pubs and restaurants binning one in six meals served annually.

While some ‘dining out’ waste is down to portion size or lack of choice – there’s too much on our plate, or food arrives that we don’t actually like – we seem to care less about food waste when we eat out.

Collaboration with Cambridge Food Assembly

cambsfoodassemblyWe are very excited to be collaborating with Cambridge Food Assembly in organising a pop-up farmers’ market this autumn! One of the biggest events at this year’s Pumpkin Festival will be the farmers’ market in the Cambridge Museum of Technology on October the 23rd. All the stall holders are from within a fifty mile radius of Cambridge and will be selling fresh and delicious produce. We are working with Cambridge Food Assembly to bring in the best food growers, makers and bakers Cambridgeshire has to offer. There will be activities for the whole family and live music… and information about eating sustainably, of course!

2016 Pumpkin Festival

pumpkin fest logo transp background

Take a look at the Pumpkin Festival’s website to find out about all the activities we are running from the 22nd to the 29th of October! Building on last year’s success, and with the support of local businesses and companies, Cambridge Sustainable Food is holding another Pumpkin Festival to bring you a week of activities, information and delicious food.

Hugh’s War on Waste

p041v71xThe BBC have just aired a great series of documentaries presented by chef and environmental activist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall about the amount we waste in the UK. In the most recent episode on BBC Two on Thursday, Hugh took on Amazon and Coffee shop giants such as Starbucks to reveal how much packaging they really waste. How much waste does on-line shopping create?Hugh gets access to one of the biggest Amazon distribution centres in the country, and Amazon even decide to fly in their global packaging expert from America to meet him. But will they actually commit to change?