Cambridge Food Hub – an update from Duncan Catchople, project leader for Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub

Sometime, and sometime soon, the global food system is going to change. It has to: climate change and the depletion of natural resources dictate that ‘business as usual’ in our food supply simply cannot continue for much longer. So change is definitely coming, and we are faced with a choice of whether we are going to passively sit and wait for changes to be forced upon us, or whether we are going to embrace that change on our own terms.  But here is a very positive and forward-thinking project that is meeting the challenges in the food system head-on: the Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub.

CSF and Cambridge University Student Hub

CSF has worked closely with the Cambridge University Student Hub for several years, recruiting student volunteers and participating in their very helpful Social Innovation Programme. We are delighted that now we will be working even more closely with them to recruit students to our CSF Ambassadors scheme and also as regular volunteers for our ongoing Thyme to Cook Arbury family cookery project on Tuesdays .  

How to waste less food at Christmas

christmas-581754_640Christmas is a time of indulgence and delicious food, causing many of us to over buy and creating a lot of food waste. However, it only takes a little bit of preparation to ensure that your Christmas is as waste-free as possible. We have compiled a list of handy tips which will help you to spend and waste less whilst still enjoying all of the usual tasty Christmas treats!