Café Opportunity at The Clay Farm Centre

Looking to open a café in Cambridge? Do you already own/run a café and are looking to change/open a new premises? Cambridge City Council is inviting tenders for a café space at the new Clay Farm Centre development which could be just what you’re looking for!

In addition to the café, the development will consist of a medical centre, a library, community facilities and residential accommodation. The Clay Farm Centre will serve 3800 new homes as well as the existing Trumpington residents so should be an ideal space for a community focussed business!

The café can accommodate 31 people inside, with room for more outside on the patio area. The facilities include a fully fitted kitchen and servery with a microwave for heating food. Only having the microwave does mean that the food will need to be cooked at a different location and then brought to the café, so please bear this restriction in mind.

This is a great opportunity to open a café which is sustainable and has a real community feel! We’re imagining a friendly and welcoming space, selling delicious locally sourced and seasonal food.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you then please do go along to the drop-in session on Monday 27th March* to have your questions answered. The development does also have an email address to which you could direct your questions –

The closing date for tender submissions is 25th April 2017 and the deadline for questions about the invite to tender is 4th April 2017. The council is using an electronic tendering tool to manage the procurement which you can access via the following link –

Good luck, potential proprietors!

The drop in session is for people who are interested in the vacancy and would like to find out more.  The session is being held on Monday 27th March, between 1.00pm and 7.00pm at Trumpington Village Hall.