Cambridge Colleges Catering 2014-10-25 19-25-59The Cambridge Colleges Catering Managers have an Environmental Group which promotes sustainability in catering activities by means of different initiatives such as meat-free Mondays and Vegetarian week. A ‘Low carbon meals’ scheme is being tested, with a footprint label to indicate the most sustainable menu option. See here for the pilot in King’s College. The committee boast a procurement policy with a focus on corporate social responsibility, which promotes local enterprise, the use of local produce and the sourcing of sustainable fish.

The group hosts an annual environmental award, which takes into account different aspects of catering. The award scheme aims to encourage understanding of the wider impact of college catering practices, while promoting greater sustainability within these.

CMC environmental awards
2014 Environmental Awards

Kevin Keohane, Chair of the Environmental Committee, said: “The eco-friendly improvements being adopted by our catering teams permeate through the heart of College life, as our customs of dining together for students, staff and fellows form an integral part of each day.”

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