Cambridge Science Festival food events

fruitThe wonderful Cambridge Science Festival is coming up (March 9th to 22nd) with hundreds of free events for adults and children all over town. There is a bit of a mini-theme about food this year and we’ve picked out a few events for adults and children which might be of particular interest. First of all, on March 10th, there’s Is there a right diet for me? at the Lady Mitchell Hall on the Sidgwick Site. Some of you may have seen the interesting Horizon programme a little while ago, and this is with the same presenter and Cambridge researchers, who are looking into how our physiological and psychological make-up can mean certain diets will be better for us than others. Another event for adults is Sustainable food in the spotlight on March 17th, which looks at how what we eat has an impact on the environment and considers how we can reduce our food footprints. You need to book for both these events.

squirrelFor people of all ages, including children, are three drop-in, hands-on weekend days at the Corn Exchange: The science of eating (March 14th and 15th), Discover nutrition science (also March 14th and 15th) and Fantastic Fat (March 22nd). The first one (suitable for all ages) focuses on games and activities to show why we eat what we do and how we use the energy it provides and the third one explains why we need fat and where it comes from (ages 8+).