Cambridge Food Hub

A local food centre dedicated to sustainability’

What is the Food Hub?

The Cambridge Food Hub is an exciting endeavour led by Duncan Catchpole, the founder of the Cambridge Organic Food Co.

The Food Hub aims to increase the accessibility of locally produced, sustainable food from farms in the Cambridgeshire area, whilst supporting local producers and small businesses. Its route to market will be direct, bringing significantly reduced wastage, food miles and costs.

The Food Hub will feature incubator kitchens for the very best local sustainable food enterprises. It will offer them the opportunity of affordable rent, the ability to rent space and facilities according to requirements and shared distribution. These businesses will have a plentiful supply of fresh, local ingredients to work with, and the custom of those visiting the Food Hub.

Local residents will benefit from a retail outlet, café and community space. The wider Cambridge area will be served by a home delivery service and distribution of food to retail outlets and catering establishments around the city. The facilities will be available for ‘one-off’ bookings as well, making the Food Hub an ideal venue for educational and training purposes, community functions, pop-up dining events, indoor farmers’ markets and conferencing.

The Food Hub will:
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  • Ensure a wide range of quality, healthy and sustainably produced food, both fresh and prepared, is available for people and businesses in the Cambridgeshire area.
  • Provide a full package of business incubation services so that small businesses and start-ups have every opportunity to succeed.
  • Reduce food miles and emissions in the centre of Cambridge through a sustainable distribution network.
  • Make healthy and sustainably produced food accessible to low-income households through the Good Food for All scheme.
  • Create an educational resource for the local community, so people can reconnect with their food and learn about nutrition and sustainability.
  • Answer the pressing question of how we are going to sustainably feed a growing global population in the future.

Who is behind this project?

Cambridge Food Hub project is led by Duncan Catchpole, Managing Director of The Cambridge Organic Food Co. (COFCO). COFCO is one of the most successful enterprises of its type in the UK and having it located at the Food Hub will contribute significantly to the success of this project. The Food Hub is a ltd company: Harmony Food Hubs ltd.

You can sign up here to show your support for the project.

For more information, you can check out Cambridge Food Hub’s website and the Cambridge Food Hub leaflet or follow the Cambridge Food Hub on Facebook and @Cam_Food_Hub on Twitter to keep up with the latest news.