Cambridge Sustainable Food Pledge and Award Scheme Launch

The award winners, old and new, with Cllr Jeremy Benstead, Mayor of Cambridge

It was so great to see so many faces, old and new, at the launch for the Cambridge Sustainable Food Pledge and Award Scheme at the University Centre on the 2nd March. The afternoon was a great success, and following the Award’s successful pilot scheme last year (with funding from Cambridge City Council), we hope that this new edition of the Food Pledge and Award Scheme is as successful as the launch event.


The afternoon began with a fascinating talk from Keynote Speaker Theresa Marteau (Director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit, University of Cambridge) about Changing our Behaviour to Achieve Sustainable Diets. Her talk included an introduction to Nudge Theory and Choice Architecture, and it also covered how important and effect reducing our consumption of ruminant (cows, sheep) products has on our carbon footprint. You can find a video of her talk below, and her powerpoint presentation here.


Sam Dyer talked about how the award had changed since its previous incarnation, and how feedback from business who were already involved in the scheme really helped CSF improve the criteria. At the end of her talk, Cllr Jeremy Benstead, Mayor of Cambridge, stepped up to the front in order to present five new pledge businesses with the Silver Award. These were Cambridge Food Collective, Madingley Hall Institute of Continuing Education, Taste of Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College, and Food4Food Catering Service.

The afternoon also featured great talks: Julia Porter from bio-bean, Helen Reed from ‘Healthier Options’ Scheme, Freya Mills from Sustainable Restaurant Associations’ Food Made Good scheme, Helen Crowther, Cambridge City Council Living Wage Officer, and Duncan Catchpole laying out the idea for the Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub.

The event also featured a stall operated by Greg Hutton-Squire on behalf of Cambridge City Council Waste Management.

We hope that this event will kickstart participation in the new Cambridge Sustainable Food Pledge and Award Scheme. You can find out more about the Pledge and Award Scheme here.