Community Food Map

We have put together a map showing many different food resources in and around Cambridge. We have included:
Community Growing Projects – opportunities to get involved with the production of fresh food at community allotments and orchards, often rewarded by the fresh produce itself.
Food Provision Projects – helping those for whom access to food can be challenging, working towards a more equitable city.
Food Waste Projects – making use of surplus food, such as through providing community meals.

Using the Map

We have displayed these Community Resources on a map so you can find out what’s going on near you. Clicking on each point gives you more information and contact details. Viewing the map full-screen or clicking the top left-hand icon allows you to filter the displayed points depending on what you are looking for.

Categories include:
Food Banks. Resources both for those in need and those wanting to help. To claim food, a valid Foodbank voucher is normally needed. Contact details are provided.
Holiday Lunches. These take place in the holidays, providing free or cheap lunches for families who find providing for their children in the holidays challenging, particularly those normally eligible for free school lunches.
Community Meals. Providing meals for members of the community, sometimes as a means of using surplus food, sometimes as a social opportunity – or often both!
Meals for Older People. Providing sustenance and community for older people.
Community Allotments. Growing spaces where volunteers can come together to learn and produce fresh food.
Community Orchards. Sources of fresh fruit, maintained by volunteers from the community.

If you know of anything else that  could be on the map, please do let us know!