cows4Camcattle breed Red Poll cattle, one of the oldest breeds in East Anglia, and supply local butchers and restaurants. Camcattle boast high quality beef with a much lower carbon footprint than regular beef, making them both a sustainable choice as well as one favoured by food lovers.

The cattle roam around many of the common pastures and meadows in Cambridge, which not only means that the cattle live a relatively free life, but also that consumers have the chance to see where their beef comes from.


The Camcattle herdstall are matured slowly and the beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks to bring out the best possible flavour without the aid of antibiotics or growth promoters. This approach results in a dark, well-marbled, flavoursome beef which sets it aside from mass-produced, supermarket beef.

Camcattle beef is sold at the Cambridge market, at the Impington village college, the Great Shelford Memorial Hall and at the Fowlmere market.







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