Love Food Hate Waste

punt stunt3Cambridge Sustainable Food is working closely with the Cambridge City Council Recycling Team and other organisations on the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. This campaign was particularly high-profile between April 2015 and March 2016, with a Punt Stunt (the front page story in the Cambridge News) and talk by food waste campaigner, Tristram Stuart, kicking off the campaign. CSF continues to promote the campaign at stalls and through our Cambridge #PumpkinRescue festival, the second of which was held this year. The festival hosts many fun and free events across Cambridge to encourage people to think about food waste in their homes. A lot of food waste in the UK however is also a result of farm wastage, caused by unnecessary aesthetic standards from supermarkets (read more here).

See here for more information about the national campaign, and if you are interested in being a part of the campaign, please visit our volunteering page.


Sustainable Fish Citiessustainable-fish-cities logo

Cambridge Sustainable Food has signed up for the national Sustainable Fish Cities campaign, run by Sustain. We will be approaching a number of local organisations (in particular schools and higher education institutions; hospitals; workplace canteens; high-profile restaurants) asking them to pledge to avoid unsustainable fish from the MCS “Fish to avoid” list, in the first instance. (The pledge is in stages, with organisations able to gain stars for further actions, up to and including full accreditation by the MSC.)  To see what is involved and who has signed up so far, visit the campaign page.