Pumpkin Festival 2017

The Pumpkin Festival returned for a third time in October 2017!

Three years down the line and the Pumpkin Festival has certainly made a name for itself among Cambridge residents. This year we welcomed over 3000 people into pumpkin inspired events across the city. We run the festival with food waste front and centre, encouraging people to re-think an often wasteful attitude to pumpkin carving at this time of year.

ITV meets Cambridge Sustainable Food at EarthOptimism Day

On Saturday 22nd April Cambridge Sustainable Food were at the Solutions Fair in the David Attenborough building celebrating EarthOptimism day 2017.

We were providing information about the carbon footprint of various food items and, in particular, raising awareness of the significant environmental impact of meat and dairy consumption.

The event was a great success and we even had visits from some famous faces: David Attenborough and Jane Goodall were both enjoying the fair before giving lectures on the future of conservation.

Follow the link below to hear David Attenborough’s comments on EarthOptimism day and to hear ITV talking with Bev Sedley about our work at Cambridge Sustainable Food.


Cambridge Food Hub – an update from Duncan Catchople, project leader for Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub

Sometime, and sometime soon, the global food system is going to change. It has to: climate change and the depletion of natural resources dictate that ‘business as usual’ in our food supply simply cannot continue for much longer. So change is definitely coming, and we are faced with a choice of whether we are going to passively sit and wait for changes to be forced upon us, or whether we are going to embrace that change on our own terms.  But here is a very positive and forward-thinking project that is meeting the challenges in the food system head-on: the Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub.

CSF and Cambridge University Student Hub

CSF has worked closely with the Cambridge University Student Hub for several years, recruiting student volunteers and participating in their very helpful Social Innovation Programme. We are delighted that now we will be working even more closely with them to recruit students to our CSF Ambassadors scheme and also as regular volunteers for our Thyme to Cook Arbury family cookery project on Thursdays in March .  

2016 Pumpkin Festival

pumpkin fest logo transp background

Take a look at the Pumpkin Festival’s website to find out about all the activities we are running from the 22nd to the 29th of October! Building on last year’s success, and with the support of local businesses and companies, Cambridge Sustainable Food is holding another Pumpkin Festival to bring you a week of activities, information and delicious food.

Indie store Arjuna wins Local Food Champion award

Reported by Simone Castello.

Hundreds of foodies sent their nominations for the third Cambridge Food and Drink Awards, a yearly event that celebrates the best food/drink businesses and entrepreneurs in the area. Two new categories were added: Rising Star and Local Food Champion, the latter sponsored by CSF to reflect our mission statement and vision. The awards – organised by the Cambridge News in association with The Cambridge Roar, a local fundraising drive in aid of The Prince’s Trust, Cancer Research UK and Arthur Rank – were presented at the Quy Mill Hotel on Thursday 4th August 2016.

“Swim the Cam” fundraising event for new Cambridge Food Hub a success

On the morning of Saturday 23rd September, 22 keen people turned up at Byron’s Pool in Swim the Cam paperGrantchester, to participate in a “Swim the Cam” fundraising event – 3.4km down the course of the River Cam. And why? To raise money through sponsorship and crowdfunding for a new Sustainable Food Hub, a project of Cambridge Sustainable Food to enable a more radical shift towards enabling sustainable eating behaviours and a sustainable local food economy.

Foody events: festivals, community days and volunteering opportunities

Sally at Big Lunch

This is the season where good weather is promised and it is great to be out and about. Here are some dates for you diaries of festivals and Community Days in and around Cambridge, taking place in September and October. Take these opportunities of autumn weekends to enjoy the perks of fun activities, independent businesses and often local food. In addition, at each of these events Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF) will have an information stall, where you can learn more about sustainable cooking and eating and the various projects linked to CFS. Alternatively you could volunteer at these, and help out behind the stall.