Collaboration with Cambridge Food Assembly

cambsfoodassemblyWe are very excited to be collaborating with Cambridge Food Assembly in organising a pop-up farmers’ market this autumn! One of the biggest events at this year’s Pumpkin Festival will be the farmers’ market in the Cambridge Museum of Technology on October the 23rd. All the stall holders are from within a fifty mile radius of Cambridge and will be selling fresh and delicious produce. We are working with Cambridge Food Assembly to bring in the best food growers, makers and bakers Cambridgeshire has to offer. There will be activities for the whole family and live music… and information about eating sustainably, of course!

 The Food Assembly is a simple concept that allows customers to order a selection of local produce online and then pick them all up from a central point.  It’s like an online farmers market.  It is a movement that started in France and there are now over 1,000 Food Assemblies across Europe.  The UK has the second largest number though the Cambridge Food Assembly is the only one in the East of England.  We fully support the scheme because, apart from giving local farmers economic support by allowing them to set their own prices and giving them over 80% for each product, they can harvest crops depending on orders- meaning much less waste!
The Cambridge Food Assembly regularly offers over 200 products from 15 producers.  Collection is after work on Wednesdays from the Tram Depot Pub in central Cambridge -so people can combine the pick-up with a pint or glass of wine.  Each week there are always a free tasters and a chance to meet and chat with different producers producers.
The Cambridge Food Assembly is hosted by Adrienne Powell from Wild Flour Kitchen and Chris Wade whose day job involves helping local shops across the UK.  Chris explains, “I became a customer of the Cambridge Food Assembly because it’s such a simple way of buying quality local food and drink each week.  It’s such a neat way of shopping, helps the local economy and keeps me supplied in fresh veg, real ale, flavoursome meat and the occasional treat”.
To learn more and join the Cambridge Food Assembly take a look at their website.
Or for details of the Pop-up Farmers’ Market and to find out about other events, have a look at the Pumpkin Festival website.