CSF receives Bronze Award from Sustainable Food Cities

Tom & Bev Bronze award
We are buzzing with excitement at the moment after receiving the Sustainable Food Cities Bronze Award at the national conference in Liverpool. The photo shows Bev, as chair, receiving the award from Tom Andrews of the Soil Association (one of the three main partners in the Sustainable Food Cities Network). We are one of only nine cities (out of 46) to have won an award (seven Bronze and two Silver (Bristol and Brighton). The award is to the city itself and covers a wide range of issues:


• promoting healthy and sustainable food to the publiccropped-Cambridge-BRONZE-e1467117287248.jpg

• tackling food poverty and diet-related ill-health

• building community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects

• providing a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy

• transforming catering and food procurement

• reducing waste and the ecological footprint of the food system


In each of these categories Cambridge needed to achieve three out of a list of nine objectives, so part of our job at CSF was finding out what has been achieved by many other organisations – schools catering, public health etc – as well as documenting what we and our partner organisations have done over the last two years.

We have not yet contacted the press about this award, as we are planning to hand over the award to the new Mayor of Cambridge at an event on Thursday 9th June (we have to wait that long because of the local elections!), but we hope for some good media coverage then.

Thanks to everybody involved in this – it is quite an achievement for Cambridge!