Dining out with a doggy bag

tgtwLogoA quarter of us will leave food on our plate when eating out, which we would probably have finished if eating at home.   Whether we’re saving room for the delicious dessert we’ve spotted or have over-ordered, our curious behaviour leads to UK pubs and restaurants binning one in six meals served annually.

While some ‘dining out’ waste is down to portion size or lack of choice – there’s too much on our plate, or food arrives that we don’t actually like – we seem to care less about food waste when we eat out.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association thinks we can do better.  Their Too Good to Waste campaign promotes the use of ‘doggy bags’ and some eateries have started to offer a range of portion sizes.

Studies show that diners are keen for restaurants to tackle food waste in the kitchen and supply chains: a few trailblazing restaurants, such as Poco (London and Bristol) and Silo (Brighton) are using high-tech composters and adopting zero-waste principles.

Tom Tanner of the SRA points out that reducing food waste will save the catering industry a great deal of money as well as improve their carbon footprint.

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