Everyone Health Behaviour Change Training


Everyone Health are hosting a number of free, 3 hour long courses which aim to promote behaviour change in the work environment. The course covers a wide range of topics, such as recognising opportunities to focus on healthy lifestyles and how to elicit change with your patients/clients and staff. 

This course is taught at an introductory level, so it is perfect for those who are new to behaviour change as well as though who would like to refresh their existing skills.

The course covers:

  • the stages of change
  • the basics of MI (Motivational Interviewing)
  • brief interventions and how to recognise opportunities to introduce the idea of change
  • when to help with goal setting and when to refer elsewhere
  • MECC (Making Every Contact Count).

This course will help you to understand how you can promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle effectively. It is interactive, consisting of tutor led group discussion, peer work, scenarios, activities and Q&A sessions.

Check out our events page to find out when and where these sessions will take place, and if you are interested please call 0333 005 0093 to book your place!