Children are subjected to food and retail marketing on an unprecedented level.   With emphasis on cheap, highly processed foods of low nutritional quality, low-income families are a captive market.   Only 1 in 5 children are meeting the recommended 5-a-day for fruits and vegetables.    With obesity at near epidemic levels, the malnutrition this represents is unrecognized.  Obesity in children is related to poor self–esteem and academic achievement; bullying and stigma; adverse health outcomes in youth and adulthood and provides a very poor start in life.


Angry at how unhealthy snacks and treats continue to be placed to tempt you and your children at the supermarket checkout and queuing areas?   The Children’s Food Campaign have joined forces with the British Dietetic Association to help you challenge supermarkets to get the junk off the checkouts once and for all.  Give your support at www.childrnsfood.org.uk

What do you think about having a tax on sugary drinks this budget?

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