FFLP Awards – Fish event

FFLP fish 1FFLP bagThe Soil Association’s Food for Life Programme held its awards event in Ely in June with 9 schools across Cambridgeshire receiving awards.  As well as a fantastic lunch provided by Cambridge Food Cycle there were four fun foodie activities for everyone to get involved in.  And it wasn’t just for kids: the councillors, headteachers, public health team and caterers all had a go!  My favourite was definitely the painting –  what a great way to engage kids with fish!  Could it be their first step towards eating it?

Firstly, Carrie Bewick (Cambridge FFLP schools coordinator) and Ian Nutt (Soil Association) explained the term ‘sustainable fish’ and which fish were on the endangered list.  A pocket-size Good Fish Guide was available for everyone to take away. There were five different types of fish waiting on tables to be painted.  Touching the wet, cold, slippery fish was a sensory experience and the children got really involved, painting bright colours on skin, eyes, gills and tails.  Using the Food for Life take-home bags, we laid them over the painted fish, massaging along the body of the fish with our linen, to produce a fish print on our bags.  The kids washed the fishes clean and started all over again.  Fantastic fun!

painted fishWe heard about some great work going on in schools across Cambridgeshire, with developing school gardens and using the produce in the school kitchen or selling at farmers markets, regular cooking sessions and visits to farms.

Although teachers say it’s hard work to get started with the FFLP, involving pupils is the most important thing.  Taking a whole school approach really gets the kids involved and has everyone working together.  That’s what producing, cooking and eating good food is all about.  CSF are proud to be  working alongside the brilliant Food for Life Programme in Cambridgeshire.

Carine Henry, Paediatric Dietitian,  CSF Steering Group


FFLP fish on bag