FFLP for school food

The Food For Life Partnership (FFLP)  is an award programme which aims to build good school food culture by making lunchtimes a positive feature of the day and supporting cooking, growing and farm-linked education for pupils, parents and the wider school community.

Working in partnership with you, the Food for Life Partnership:

•  Raises awareness of the importance of healthy, seasonal food across the school.

•  Gives advice and support to school cooks and caterers to enable them to provide freshly prepared, nutritious and well-sourced meals.

•  Offers support and guidance to your school on the latest government objectives set out by the National School Food Plan, Universal Free School Meals and Ofsted.

•  Provides a wide range of free resources and practical training to help your school grow and cook your own food, organise curriculum-linked trips to farms and set up farmers’ markets.

•  Encourages pupil voice and wider community involvement to ensure that change is successfully embedded into your school culture.

•  Celebrates your achievements with County award ceremonies and events.

The FFLP programme provides an adaptable framework which recognises and builds on your existing initiatives and structures. By working towards an FFLP Bronze, Silver or Gold Award you will also be supporting the achievement of your Healthy School Enhanced status.

The Cambridgeshire Programme has been commissioned by Cambridgeshire Public Health. Any school can Enrol  on the programme and access our Resources for free.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Liz Davies, Local Programme Manager: ldavies@soilassociation.org, 07809 156144 .