First sustainable fish pledge from Madingley Hall!

SustainableFishCities2014We are absolutely delighted that Madingley Hall has become the first food provider in Cambridge to sign the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge at the start of our Cambridge Sustainable Fish Campaign, closely followed by Christ’s College. Many congratulations to both of them! (Madingley Hall has also just received a 2-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, alongside St John’s College (the first of the colleges to achieve this), so further congratulations to them on this achievement, too!)

Madingley HallMadingley Hall is the home of the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Continuing Education and prides itself on serving locally produced, seasonal and ethically sourced meals to all is clients. The Hall serves around 150 meals per day and services the needs of students, conferences and events, private functions and accommodation guests year round. The Hall uses locally grown, organic  bread products from Cobs Bakery in Cambridge , Havensfield Free Range Eggs in Suffolk and only MSC certified fish at grade 2 or below. The Hall also offers low carbon meals to its conference and student guests and is always seeking new ways to enhance their sustainability goals.

SRA_2star_2015 copyCatering Manager Paul Wright said “Institute of Continuing Education at Madingley Hall is pleased and proud to be supporting the Sustainable Fish Cities bid and hopes to champion further sustainability issues across Cambridge in the coming months and years””

Signing the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge means

• ‘avoiding the worst’, which means those rated ‘fish to avoid’  by the Marine Conservation Society,

• ‘promoting the best’, which means serving sustainably managed fish – MSC-certified fish, and those rated as ‘fish to eat’ by the Marine Conservation Society:

• ‘improving the rest’, which means telling suppliers the organisation wants to serve only sustainable fish – and that there are organisations that can help them to do this, such as Good Catch:  and the MSC  (Marine Stewardship Council).

Madingley HallChefs copyThe aim of the Sustainable Fish Cities campaign in Cambridge is to get as many food providers as possible to sign the sustainable fish pledge – we will be encouraging schools, hospitals, workplaces and restaurants to be signing up over the coming year. If you know of any organisation that would like to take the pledge or find out more , please email