Food Poverty: Information and Resources

Food Poverty Alliance

According to the Centre for Cities 2017 report, Cambridge has been named as the city with the highest level of income inequality in the UK which is why the Food Poverty Alliance has recently been set up, with a view to pull together all the work on food poverty that is being done throughout the City and surrounding villages. Register your interest here.




Have a look at our Healthy Start and Emergency Food Signposting Tool that are vital resources for tackling food security in Cambridge. 




Action Plan

Following on from our hugely successful Food Poverty Conference in October 2018, we are now in the process of developing our own action plan, laying out our aims for the next five years in Cambridge and the actions we will take to tackle the growing issue of food poverty in the city.



Report 2018/19

Read the report written by Kalyani Gupta which examines the food poverty situation in Cambridge and attempts to estimate the scale of food poverty and understand how people living in Cambridge experience food poverty in the city. This research project aims to feed all of this information into the development of a collaborative food action plan, which will aim to tackle and alleviate food poverty at the local level in the city.