Food waste: safe to eat mouldy food?

bread-mouldyHere’s a link to a write-up in the Mirror of a documentary shown on BBC2 in October “Trust me I’m a doctor: eating mouldy food” fronted by Doctor Michael Moseley. It’s really fascinating – I’m sure, like me, you knew some things, such as mouldy cheddar, are safe to eat once you have cut off the mould, but there were lots of things I didn’t know, such as that it isn’t safe to eat soft cheeses such as brie and mozarella once mouldy, as they can contain harmful bacteria. Try the quiz included in the link above – you might be surprised!) This kind of information is really useful to those of us who are aiming to spread the word about food waste (at least 30% of edible food). Next year Cambridge Sustainable Food and the Cambridge City Council Recycling Team will be launching a big Love Food Hate Waste campaign, so watch this space!