Fuel for School Campaign


Previously a primary school teacher, Kevin Mackay is now spreading the word about food waste through a new The Real Junk Food Project initiative titled ‘Fuel for School’.

The project focuses on educating young children about the extent of the UK’s food waste problem, whilst also providing a healthy and nutritious breakfast club for children who often go without their first meal of the day. Currently, the project is mainly based within primary schools in Leeds, but there are plans to expand the initiative.

Although one of the projects obvious aims is to educate children about food waste, it has also proved an excellent way to tackle food poverty in some of the more disadvantaged areas within Leeds and its surrounding areas.

Providing children with a breakfast which they might have otherwise gone without has had a positive impact on their concentration and performance during the school day, whilst also helping parents to save money on their food bills.

The food used for the breakfast club and the food waste workshops has a duel function, as whatever is left over goes on to be sold on a market stall in front of the school. The produce is available for parents to purchase, which in turn helps families to work together on improving their food waste problems in the home.

Teaching kids early on about the importance of food, nutrition and waste will hopefully help to form a generation who are interested in the issue of food waste and dedicated to helping the cause.