Cambridge Food Collective

Cambridge Food Collective have achieved a Silver Award for their commitment to sourcing food that is both ethically and locally produced. Nazima Pathan was presented with the award by Cllr Jeremy Benstead, Mayor of Cambridge, on 2nd March 2017, at CSF’s Pledge and Award Scheme Launch Event.

Cambridge Food Collective source food that is grown locally and supplied directly. Some of their suppliers include COBS, Beamont meat, and Radmore Farm.

Nazima Pathan from Cambridge Food Collective, receiving a Silver Award from Cllr Jeremy Benstead, Mayor of Cambridge

They also stock a wide range of organic produce. COBS provide them with organic bread, and their milk, olive oils, jams and wines also feature organic options. In stocking organic products, they ensure that the production process of their products harms biodiversity as little as possible. 

A lot of care also goes in to assuring the provenance of the meat which they use. Their pork and beef is all free-range, as are their eggs, and they source their chicken from Radmore Farm. In addition to this, they are signed up to the Sustainable Fish Campaign.

The vast majority of their food is unprocessed and their effective management of supply ensures that there is little to no food waste.