Sidney Sussex College

The Sidney Sussex College catering service have received the silver standard business award for their efforts towards sustainability. They are a large organisation who provide 540,000 meals per year, producing a range of freshly cooked menus that includes locally sourced ingredients.

Sidney Sussex aim to promote sustainability to their staff and students through hosting meat-free Mondays.

The idea of sustainable food permeates through a number of practices in the Sidney Sussex College kitchens. The fish which they serve is MSC certified, and they exclusively use fair trade coffee and sugar. In addition to this, the fact that virtually all of the food which they serve is cooked from scratch means that they are able to control the levels of salt in the food. The eggs which they serve all comply with the Good Egg Award standard, meaning they are all free-range, and local to boot!

This has been reflected in the two stars they achieved in the Food Made Good Award Scheme from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

For three of the last five years Sidney Sussex College has won the Cambridge Colleges Culinary competition and the Catering Manager and Executive Head Chef Stephen Mather has won a gold medal at the national Hotelolympia event in London.