Volunteer Case Study – Tarek Kebeasy

Several years ago I was introduced to grow your own tomato from seeds at a children birthday party. With no prior experience, with google and YouTube being my only mentors, I gave it a go myself. By that summer I had great crop of tomato from only few plants in my back garden. Year after year since then, I have grown different veggies and fruits. Having had that experience made me realise not only how much effort goes into growing our food but how much food we do waste on a daily basis on an individual and equally on a commercial levels.

Having a bit of time on my hands, I volunteered at Cambridge Sustainable Food’s Pumpkin festival 2016 and I’m so pleased that I did! I arrived early in the morning at the museum of Technology and was met by the team- a very jolly bunch! I began by helping setup various stalls. It was just great atmosphere talking to various like-minded people during the initial setup. During the day I staffed the apple press- it was great fun for all to see how it was made and trying a fresh drink for themselves. It must have been good as they kept coming back for seconds and thirds! People were surprised that apple was destined for waste. It was great platform to engage with people and convoy CSF’s messages.

A week later I manned CSF stall in Cambridge market square. It was another great platform to talk to people whilst enjoying delicious sustainable food such as pumpkin soup, carrot cake, muffin, focaccia and cranberry scones. We also played games which was meant for the young ones but equally enjoyed by adults too! Quite a number of people did enlist to volunteer. It is such a rewarding feeling being part of this organisation which aspires to “love food hate waste”.

For me, the best part is discovering that there are a lot of people out there who genuinely share the same views. I strongly recommend volunteering with CSF in 2017!