Volunteer Case Study – Annie Jackson


I’ve always loved food – cooking, eating, reading about it. For years I was an editor of cookery books. Increasingly I have been concerned with where my food comes from, and the long-term consequences, not just for my own health but for that of the environment, of the extravagant way we shop and discard food.

I’ve worked for years as a self-employed editor and proofreader, work which involves hours by myself, hunched over a computer. I was looking for some volunteering which would take me out of the house and away from my everyday tasks. When I found out about Cambridge Sustainable Food, it sounded like exactly the kind of organisation I was interested in helping.

I’ve been a volunteer since October this year. I have staffed two stalls, one at the Histon Community Orchard and one at the Mill Road Winter Fair, talking to people about what CSF does, encouraging them to do the quizzes, or sample the delicious goodies provided. I also worked one day a week in the run up to the Pumpkin Festival in October, which involved everything from cutting eye-holes in paper plates to be used for kids’ mask-making activities, to cycling round town delivering leaflets and putting up posters, to counting plates and cutlery in a church hall where a festival meal was going to take place. During the festival I had fun helping at a family cookery workshop making the most delicious pumpkin soup.

It’s been really rewarding working with the CSF team. I like the fact that their activities involve so many different parts of Cambridge life, from the university to businesses, to local families with kids. There are exciting developments coming with the Sustainable Food Hub and I hope to be involved in more CSF activities in 2017.