Volunteer Case Study – Hazel Jones


I have lived in Cambridge for over 25 years. I try to volunteer with a charity every year or so as I work part time and want to contribute to the community in which myself and my two children live. I was attracted to CSF at first through helping out at its Pumpkin Festival in October, as it looked liked fun and involved helping an organisation trying to promote food sustainability, which is becoming more pressing, I feel. I am also a bit of a foodie, so anything involving good food and good practice is a bonus!

At the Pumpkin Festival I helped decorate a hall for an event, ran a craft table for children and helped out with cooking at a local food event. All of these activities were great fun; working with like-minded volunteers and helping to promote the idea of reducing food waste to the general public – I would thoroughly recommend it!

I am also involved with the business side of CSF. This involves communicating with local food businesses and helping with the smooth running of some of the administrative tasks. I have several years administration experience, so this is useful, plus the people are a friendly, like-minded group too.

I would definitely recommend volunteering with CSF if you want to be involved with a very friendly organisation who promotes all aspects of food sustainability in the local area. The events are particularly great fun and you can choose which activities to be involved in, with no pressure to do anything you don’t want to – and my pumpkin carving skills have improved considerably!