Volunteer Case Study- Minerva Lim

Cookery Workshop Volunteer Coordinator

I first started working with CSF as part of a social impact consultancy project run by CSF and the Cambridge Hub. Through the project, I was exposed to the family cookery workshops that CSF runs for its beneficiaries in Arbury, and I wanted to help out more to ensure that this great initiative continued. Since January 2017 I have worked with CSF as a volunteer coordinator to encourage students at Cambridge University to volunteer with the cookery workshops. I’m pleased to say that my volunteering experience with CSF has not only helped to bring significant numbers of student volunteers in to assist with the workshops; it has also been a huge part of my student life this year. Without a doubt it will be one of the most memorable experiences of my time in Cambridge.

If you would be interested in volunteering with us please email bev@cambridgesustainablefood.org