Global Sustainability Institute

global_sustainability_institute.Calloutcontent.0001.ImageThe Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) is part of Anglia Ruskin University, but its network, research and impact have a national and global reach. The GSI aims to develop practical solutions to the sustainability and environmental concerns we face today, through a cohesive, information-based approach. The Institute’s aims and values complement those of the University, while their research and activities are integrated into the student experience.

The focus of the Institute’s research is on the relation between individuals and systems (such as government, industry and the economy) and how they mutually influence one another and create challenges in sustainable development. The GSI’s main areas of research are: consumption and change; climate action and cultural systems; global resource risk; education for sustainability.

The Institute holds regular seminars, events and workshops and offers post-graduate research programmes which will be expanded in the future. There is also a biannual magazine, ‘So What?’, which includes the latest developments of the Institute and University.








Twitter: @GSI_ARU