Good food more affordable than ‘junk’ food

By Sally Fenn

Healthy and nutritious food is mostly cheaper to buy than processed food, according to a recent report by the Institute of Economic Affairs, while the recommended ‘five a day’ portions of fruit and vegetables can cost as little as 30p.  Full report is here.

The prices of 78 familiar food and drink items available at two leading supermarkets were compared in the IEA’s study, which showed that when measured by edible weight, the cheapest convenience foods – such as burgers and breakfast cereals – cost more than £2 per kilo, while typical fruit and vegetables cost less.


The report’s findings are that consumers are frequently prepared to pay more for food that suits their taste and convenience. If the price of food was their top priority, British consumers – and low income groups especially – would consume more fruit, vegetables and starchy carbohydrates.


With the possible exception of fish and fresh meat, the foods recommended in the Eatwell Guide are not expensive when compared to the ‘junk food’ alternatives.


Read the full report, Cheap as Chips: Is a healthy diet affordable? here.