Great anniversary party!

At Cambridge Sustainable Food we celebrated our first anniversary in style with a great party at Cofco‘s packing shed in Haslingfield. Well over 100 of us enjoyed a fabulous vegan feast from Curly Kale Cafe‘s Sam and Blake (included in the ticket) and danced to Beth Walthew‘s terrific band Makossa. Joe Black of Black Bar Brewery was there with his wonderful local beer, which arrived by bike trailer…. 10440992_974103352603958_4242758088484594069_nOutside Steak and Honour sold their delicious burgers, made from local bread and CamCattle’s local grass-reared cows, from their bright red van, while people sat on hay bales round a surprisingly warm stove.

Curly Kale Cafe's Sam Dyer
Curly Kale Cafe’s Sam Dyer

Hilary and Fin Cox brightened up the evening with their “You’ve been Framed” photos – people posed in a beautiful hand-made frame saying “I love food that’s good for me and good for the planet”. You can see more of her photos on flickr  Josiah Meldrum of Hodmedod’s had a stall of his British beans (dried and tinned) – his nutty black badger peas were included in the meal, and Collliver’s launched a new range of organic mixes, with rice, bulgur when and couscous and a delicious range of veg.

Duncan Catchpole of Cofco welcomed everyone and Bev Sedley, chair of Cambridge Sustainable Food, made a short speech  about the importance of choosing to eat sustainable, healthy food, food that is good for us and good for the planet – this means less food waste, less and better meat, cooking more from scratch with local seasonal ingredients, less air-freighted food. Globally our food footprints are enormous (representing between 20% and 30% of our overall carbon footprint) and if we are to stand a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate Black Bar Brewerychange, we need to reduce our food footprints. Bev outlined some of CSF’s achievements this year:

• updated directory of local sustainable food

• sustainable food charter

• working with Cambridge colleges on their environmental award

• membership of Sustainable Food Cities Network

and talked about plans for 2015’s Sustainable Fish Campaign and the collaboration with Cambridge City Council on a big new Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

It was a great evening – many thanks to everyone who helped to organise and to everyone who came! Here are more of Duncan’s photos on Facebook.