Healthy and sustainable diets

Healthy and Sustainable Diets for all is something we cannot take for granted; it is something to value and to strive for.  It nourishes us physically, is a source of wellbeing, pleasure and satisfaction.   Sustainable food is concerned with environmental impact, fairness in trade but also financial and social responsibility.  The children of today will reach adulthood inheriting a very different food system.  Let’s make it a positive one!

See what the national Sustainable Food Cities Network has to say about healthy and sustainable diets.

Cambridge Sustainable Food pledges to promote healthy and sustainable diets locally with involvement in the following keys areas.

  • With food retailers to provide healthy, well priced food options
  • Supporting local food enterprise
  • Promote local community groups/initiatives
  • Cambridge Sustainable Food is forming a sub-group on the topic of Healthy and Sustainable Diets and invites wider membership of this group. Contact Carine Henry on