Hugh’s War on Waste

p041v71xThe BBC have just aired a great series of documentaries presented by chef and environmental activist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall about the amount we waste in the UK. In the most recent episode on BBC Two on Thursday, Hugh took on Amazon and Coffee shop giants such as Starbucks to reveal how much packaging they really waste. How much waste does on-line shopping create?Hugh gets access to one of the biggest Amazon distribution centres in the country, and Amazon even decide to fly in their global packaging expert from America to meet him. But will they actually commit to change? Take away cups from most big high street coffee shops are technically 100% recyclable, and advertised as so. However, no recycling centres will accept them and the companies know this. Hugh reaches out to the companies to try and find an explanation. Other Episodes have included the uncovering of food waste before and after being in supermarkets. The series coincides with the War on Waste campaign in which the public are using social media to put pressure on big brands to be more sustainable. The most recent episode is still available on Iplayer for another 10 days. To watch click here. Or for more information on the War on Waste campaign click here.