Let’s help Cambridge become a Sugar Smart city!

By Carine Henry
Sugar Smart UK is a national campaign led by Sustain together with the Jamie Oliver Foundation. Sustain supports the Sustainable Food Cities network, of which Cambridge is an active member. The Sugar Smart UK focus is simple – to raise awareness about the dangers of too much sugar and to get people involved in campaigning for change.  Cambridge Sustainable Food are aiming to lead a Campaign in 2017-18 with support from existing partners in the County Council to help Cambridge become a Sugar Smart City.

Our aims are to:


  • Increase public awareness about the adverse effects of sugar on health
  • Minimise excess sugar consumption by promoting informed choices at the point of sale/consumption
  • Promoting water as the healthy drink of choice

get the latest (2017) sugar smart app on your phone,  scan  products and see how many cubes of sugar are in your choice

We believe that the food we eat is important for our health as individuals and families; our communities at school, work or in business and our global community and planet. Sugar consumption has doubled in the past 30 years, replacing fat in many products in efforts to improve the Health of the Nation. Over that time we have seen a huge rise in obesity and strong evidence shows that excessive sugar consumption, especially sugar-sweetened drinks are causative. Socially disadvantaged children are twice as likely to be obese, but we are all eating too much added sugar.  Teenagers are eating three times the recommended maximum and adults twice. Increases is dental decay, obesity, type 2 diabetes and diet-related cancer are putting huge strain on our healthcare system and costs for obesity related illness alone are costing the NHS in excess of £5 billion per year.  It’s time for change.

let’s help Cambridge become a Sugar Smart City!

We have deliberately kept our aims simple
We know there is a lot of confusion about sugars out there
We aim to tackle this in a public awareness campaign
We understand there are vested interests, contracts and economic drivers to consider
We would like to start conversations and stimulate debate around these tricky subjects
We need matched funding of £5K to help secure a national grant to enable us to deliver such a campaign

Cambridge Sustainable Food are working to submit a grant application to Sustain for £5K to help run a Cambridge Sugar Smart Campaign, with a likely launch date in September 2017.