Love Food Hate Waste

LFHW15 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year in the UK, almost half of that from our homes, according to official statistics. Although this figure is shocking enough, there is further waste outside the UK associated with the food we import, much of which is due to unnecessary supermarket aesthetic standards, meaning that foods such as ‘wonky’ vegetables are discarded. Not only is this food waste an enormous drain on money and resources, but it adds significantly to climate change: not wasting this food would be equivalent to taking 1 in 4 cars off the road.

We are collaborating with Cambridge City Council on a Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which launched on May 21st 2015, with a talk from inspiring author-campaigner Tristram Stuart. The campaign has become less high-profile since March 2016, but CSF are continuing to promote the initiative at our stalls and other events. The message of food waste was particularly highlighted during our 2016 Cambridge Pumpkin Festival, which had over 2700 attendees and included events from cookery workshops and fine dining, to a pop-up farmers’ market and kids’ disco. Take a look at our events page for a guide to our upcoming stalls, talks and workshops, at which you may be able to pick up LFHW literature, compost caddies, and other freebies.