Make Do and Mend

Make Do and Mend is a non-for profit organisation in Cambridge offering support to people who have experience of mental health distress. One of the issues faced by people with experience of mental health difficulties is isolation, especially for those who are signed off sick from work. Make Do and Mend recognised the lack of social support people suffering from mental distress receive, so their wide range of group workshops aim to tackle this problem by providing an informal peer support group. They were set up to provide a flexible programme of creative, empowering skills workshops, peer support, volunteering opportunities and information on local mental health resources. These strength-based, demand led workshops act as a creative and cooperative outlet for people with mental health needs that allow them to socialise and learn new skills. They promote recovery by developing an individual’s self-esteem through mastery of skills. The workshops are low-cost, sustainable, flexible and environmentally friendly. The courses cover many areas, recycling, cooking, foraging, gardening, sustainable fuels, vegetable growing, sewing and many more. The cookery workshops are specifically designed to help teach skills to make a healthy nutritious main meal and workshops like this cost only he shared price of ingredients.
They are funded and supported by Cambridge City Council and ESF Community Grants. The project is also co-financed by the Skills Funding Agency, the European Union and coordinated by TCHC.
”Creative, empowering workshops for better mental health.”

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