screenshot-www.origin8delicafes.com 2014-12-09 20-50-36Origin8 grew out of the desire to create a high quality cafe and catering service, but with a twist which would set it apart from the large-scale suppliers. Founders Jane Scriven and Stephen Tutt decided to make a commitment to local food, on the basis that it would both enable them to make a real difference compared to bigger competitors, as well as the fact that the more local the food, the fresher it would be.

compressed sacrewellAfter finding the best local suppliers and doing some hands-on market research at the Cambridge market, they decided to open a cafe and give the people what they wanted – delicious, flavoursome, fresh food.

Since 2007, Origin8 has expanded from one cafe to corporate, event and conference catering. They have catered to some of the biggest events at the University of Cambridge, providing outstanding levels of hospitality. They have also opened multiple Origin8 Express Cafes in the University of Cambridge departments of Law and Education. In late 2013 they also refurbished and took over the cafe at Sacrewell, a children’s farm and heritage water mill site near Peterborough.

Philippa & Nora- Canape event

Origin8 won the small business category in the Telegraph Magazine Shop Awards and thrive on their good reviews from satisfied local customers.

As well as a commitment to local, low carbon-footprint food, Origin8 are very conscientious when it comes to the environment and waste. They reuse or recycle the vast majority of their Express Cafe resources, from napkins and plates to glass and cardboard.

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Phone: 01223 233201
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Origin8/105833802916770
Website: www.origin8delicafes.com/