Osborne bows to pressure over sugar tax

George Osborne revealed in yesterday’s budget a new levy on soft drinks in order to curb sugar consumption. The levy is aimed at producers and importers of soft drinks, who will be incentivised to reduce sugar, look for sugar alternatives and/or reduce portion sizes.

In the short term, the measures are forecast to raise £520m in the first year which will be used to:

– fund more sports in schools, doubling the school sports premium for primary schools (to £320m per year) from 2017, and provide £285m per year to give a quarter of secondary schools the chance to extent their school day to include more activities for pupils

– provide £10m of funding per year to expand breakfast clubs in up to 1600 schools to enable children to have a healthy start to their day

CSF supported the campaign for the sugar tax and welcome the announcements as a way of improving the health of young people and to tackle childhood obesity.

View the campaign to bring in the sugar tax here or read more on page 32 of the full budget here.