Cambridge Hub

hub-logoCambridge Hub is transforming students’ involvement with social and environmental challenges in Cambridge and around the world. We are a catalyst, facilitating more students to do more, more effectively and for longer. Our mission is to create a culture change so that student-powered social change becomes the norm and not the exception – inspiring socially active citizens for life.

We inspire students about their power and potential to shape a better world; connect them to opportunities to make a difference during their time at university, and support them to become civic leaders in their future lives and careers.

Anna Malan circle“We want to support and inform students about the issues around sustainable food, empowering them to actively engage in sustainability issues. Our Edible Garden Project ( is open to students, staff and community members wanting to get practical experience in food sustainability. Our annual Climate & Sustainability Forum provides a platform for learning and action. Our Skills for Sustainability programme provides students with a structured pathway for developing their green skills and knowledge.” Anna Malan, Manager



Twitter: @CambridgeHub