Make, Do and Mend

Founded in 2010 by a group of mental health service users, MDaM aims to support people experiencing mental distress by promoting recovery through the development of skills and self-esteem. The not-for-profit regularly holds strengths-based workshops where members can build valuable skills which will prepare them for the job market. The workshops also aim to combat social isolation and provide a social support network with information about mental health.

customLogoGeorge Chase, member and volunteer, said:

“Make, Do and Mend…gives me the chance to socialise with other people who are experiencing mental health problems as well.  It gives me the chance to expand my creative side as a lot of the workshops are to do with creativity.  Volunteering helping to run computer skills workshops gives me the chance to help other people who need help with learning computer skills.  The volunteers that work there have real understanding about what it’s like to deal with a mental health problem and the support is huge.”

At present the organisation run a Gardening Workshop on Mondays from 11am – 1pm for people with experience of mental health distress at an allotment at the Whitehill allotment society. There is also a monthly Baking Workshop to make cakes for a coffee morning. Occasionally there is a Foraging and Preserving Workshop depending on the time of year. Find out more by following the links below to the website or social media. 
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