The Lick

The Lick is a local catering venture with sustainability at the very centre of it’s business plan.  Caribbean menu items are adapted to use local ingredients as sustainably as possible.  We keep the cooking methods and seasonings as close to the original as possible, however we use seasonal and local produce.
To build sustainability and resilience in our local economy The Lick believes we have to act collectively and support each other.  We buy local.  The flour for our Roti is grown and Milled in Cambridgeshire at Fosters Mill.  Vegetables and salads are sourced from local growers.
When we are mobile catering our trailer is solar powered and we only use biodegradable disposables.
We are currently developing a 100% Organic and locally sourced Chilli sauce which should be available on Cambridge central market very soon.





Twitter: @TheLickCarib