Current Projects and Campaigns

Cambridge Sustainable Food has organised a number of projects and campaigns to promote our aims, engage the community with food sustainability and raise awareness about our activities (including stalls at local events). You can find out more about the different projects by following the links below:


Veg Cities Cambridge

Veg cities is Cambridge Sustainable Food’s latest campaign led by food and farming charity Sustain in partnership with the wider Peas Please initiative. In this campaign we aim to increase the availability and consumption of vegetables across the city. We will be working with local businesses, restaurants, cafes and community organisations to promote the benefits of eating your veg! 


Taste Not Waste

Cambridge Sustainable Food is helping restaurants, cafes and food outlets across the city to start saving by measuring and cutting their food waste as part of our ‘Taste Not Waste’ programme. Funded by Cambridge City Council and with support from waste experts, WRAP, we can offer free, hands-on support to help your business cut food waste and costs.


Sustainable Food Citiescamshowcase

In June 2016 we achieved a Bronze Sustainable Food Cities Award, and now we are working towards the Silver Award. Find out more about our Sustainable Food Cities work here.



Healthy Start

Cambridge Sustainable Food is working as part of the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance to increase uptake of those eligible for Healthy Start vouchers in the city. To see our campaign poster and learn more about Healthy Start, click here.



Community Fridge

Cambridge Sustainable Food partnered with The Edge Cafe, a community cafe and social enterprise, to install a community fridge. Community Fridges are a public space where organisations and households can make perishable food that would have been wasted available to the local community. They are social spaces which help to reduce food waste, build trust locally and normalise the sharing of foods and other household items.


circleforwebsiteSustainable Fish Cities

Cambridge Sustainable Food has signed up for the national Sustainable Fish Cities campaign, run by Sustain. We have successfully signed up 26 organisations and businesses to sign the pledge stating that they will avoid unsustainable fish from the MSC’s “Fish to Avoid” list.  Due to time constraints, this project if currently not a CSF priority, but we hope to put a greater focus on this project in the future! You can find more information on this project on the national campaign site here.