Pumpkin Pledge Prize draw entries

We ran a ‘Pumpkin Pledge Prize Draw’ throughout our Pumpkin Festival this year, offering those who attended our events and bought pumpkin specials a chance to win a hamper full of delicious goodies and vouchers!

penny-lutoslawska-with-prize-hamper The lucky winner of the prize draw was Penny Lutoslawska, who is pictured here with her prize.

We also had a winner of the Tesco Christmas Hamper, which was full of tasty treats! Faye Wight is pictured here with her sons Finlay and Morgan and their hamper.

faye-wright-and-sons-with-prize-hamperAs part of the Prize Draw, we asked for all of the entrants to note down three ways in which they tackled food waste during our Pumpkin Festival, and we were given some interesting answers which we felt needed sharing!

Answers included;

  • Buy reduced food from the supermarket
  • Use citrus peel to make home-made flavoured oil
  • Freeze brown bananas and make banana ice cream
  • Roast pumpkin seeds with some chilli and seasoning as a snack
  • Make cream cheese with garlic and herbs out of sour milk
  • Stew windfall apples to make into an apple cake

These are just a few of the suggestions we received from our entrants, but we want to thank everyone that took part! We are glad that our Pumpkin Festival made some people think twice about their food waste, in turn making them more creative with their cooking and perhaps more thoughtful about the food they consume.