Pumpkin Festival 2017

Pumpkin Festival 2017

The Pumpkin Festival returned for a third time in October 2017!

Three years down the line and the Pumpkin Festival has certainly made a name for itself among Cambridge residents. This year we welcomed over 3000 people into pumpkin inspired events across the city. We run the festival with food waste front and centre, encouraging people to re-think an often wasteful attitude to pumpkin carving at this time of year.

We collaborated with local charities, community groups and businesses to host 16 events during the October half-term. The festival also aimed to celebrate local and seasonal produce that is made or grown within Cambridgeshire, as we feel this is an important step towards a sustainable city.


Festival highlights 2017

Daniel Zeichner launched the Pumpkin Festival with our Feed the 1000 event. We worked with Food Cycle to serve up some tasty pumpkin soup made out of surplus food! We set up outside Sainsbury’s on Coldhams Lane to catch the Friday morning shoppers. Served with a side of CSF knowledge about sustainable food.


Disco soup was as popular as ever, with 140 attendees in their best fancy dress, wedanced and chopped the afternoon away. We spread the word about easy, seasonal soup recipes and had a taste too!


We held two cookery workshops where 42 individuals cooked alongside Leanne as she demonstrated how to eat and carve halloween pumpkins.


The festival was brought to a close with a pop-up farmers market hosted by the Museum of Technology. We had local retailers with cheese, vegetables, cakes and crafts showcasing their wonderful produce. We also had kids crafts with leftover pumpkin seeds and some of our amazing volunteers making apple juice out of surplus apples. It was a brilliant way to end the festival.

Festival highlights 2016

Pop-up Farmers’ Market 

Based at the Cambridge Museum of Technology and the first event of its kind organised by CSF, we were extremely pleased with how the day went and that around 900 people came to look around! There was lots to do, including buying and tasting food from local suppliers, apple pressing, visiting the indoor vegan café, and taking part in the kids’ activities, which included mask-making, leaf art, biscuit decorating and of course face-painting. The Steam-powered Rats also played during the event. We hope that everyone who attended had a lovely sunny autumnal day out.

St James’ Pumpkin Picnic



This was a very popular family event, with children keen to get involved with pumpkin carving and pumpkin-related craft activities. There was face-painting, singing, and outdoor fun too, including a treasure hunt! It was a great community event, with St James’ Church making an excellent venue.





Pumpkin Cake Decorating Kids’ Workshop 14708209_1140710209309897_291038115649011375_n

Co. and Allotment Café collaborated to put together a wonderful pumpkin cake decorating workshop for children on the Tuesday of our festival. Katie from Allotment Café provided a range of healthy decorations and toppings, including: pumpkin caramel, vanilla roasted pumpkin seeds, dried pumpkin seeds, and many others! Everyone left pleased with their hand-decoration creation and the recipe for the cupcakes.



Community Feast Cookery Workshop 14993383_1881816405380650_4136587642184496453_n

Led by local chef Sam Dyer, families got the chance to make pumpkin soup, with little ones as young as two getting involved with the cooking! Cookery stations were set up outside in a marquee at the Margaret Wright Community Orchard, with lots of food waste facts dotted around. Sam gave a demonstration to begin with and a quick talk on the problem of food waste in the UK, before families got stuck in at rescuing the pumpkin flesh themselves! Bread and the warm soup were enjoyed afterwards.


Abbey People Pumpkin Festival

Following on from the cookery workshop in the orchard, there was a great demand to then carve the pumpkins! There were lots of other activities going on too, including crafts such as making apple/pumpkin seed hedgehogs, apple pressing, and music making. Abbey Meadows School Choir gave a performance later on, and this was followed by a bonfire, food, and fireside activities from ChYpPS. Abbey People did a great job at organising the event, which over 200 people attended.


“Let‘s Squash Food Waste” Stall


On both Saturdays during the festival we had a stall outside the Guildhall in the Market Square, with over 400 people visiting our first stall. We gave out food tasters with recipes to encourage people to use the insides of their pumpkins after carving them. FoodCycle kindly donated some pumpkin soup as well, made from vegetables which would have otherwise been thrown away. Passers by appreciated the offering of warm food and they also had the chance to pick up a compost caddy and other freebies, and have their photo taken with a giant pumpkin!



Kids’ Disco Soup

For the last Saturday of our Festival, we held a kids’ disco soup at St Andrews Hall in Chesterton. Children arrived in wonderful fancy dress and helped with cooking at the beginning, before everyone got the chance to try the pumpkin soup that was made. During the festivities, a DJ provided music to dance along to, and the dance floor was buzzing with children. There were lots of other craft activities too, along with face painting. A jolly event to end the festival, with 145 people attending.

Check out our video of the event here!



Afternoon Tease Pumpkin Specials

Afternoon Tease put a fantastic pumpkin twist on afternoon tea. During the festival, they were serving pumpkin and dark chocolate bundt cake, pumpkin pie, and a roasted pumpkin, feta, toasted pine nuts, roasted & caramelised red onion sandwich, on toasted sourdough!


Bridges Pumpkin Specials

As well as hosting their own pumpkin carving competition, Bridges offered a range of tasty pumpkin specials during the festival. Dishes included: pumpkin soup, pumpkin & avocado salad, pumpkin & quinoa salad, pumpkin & courgetti salad, pumpkin & prawn fried rice, and spicy mushroom & pumpkin stew. We wanted to try them all!


Radmore Farm Shop

Radmore Farm Shop made a pumpkin purée base from which they made a range of 14641916_10154455437260549_8632562014071308085_n-copygreat pumpkin specials, an easy way to rescue pumpkins. They roasted their pumpkin seeds too, to further reduce food waste.