Pumpkin Rescue Recipes

On this page you will find links to recipes which we used or found during our 2015 and 2016 Cambridge Pumpkin Festivals. Part of our Love Food Hate Waste campaign, the idea behind the festival is to save the insides of carving pumpkins from going to landfill. These recipes provide fantastic inspiration for making the most of a Halloween pumpkin, and spicing up the often bland and watery innards to create delicious meals.

On two Saturdays during the festival we had a stall in Market Square, where we promoted the festival, talked to passers-by about food waste, and gave away delicious pumpkin snacks to show people what can be made from a simple Jack O’Lantern! You can find recipes for cakes, breads and more here.

You can find lots of different recipes for mains, desserts and vegan/free-from dishes here.

  • Hubbub’s Recipes

Hubbub UK, who were behind the Pumpkin Rescue festivals taking place around the country, provided some quite special recipe booklets, with contributions from celebrity chefs such as Ainsley Harriott and well known restaurateurs such as Leon and Tom’s Kitchen. Download it here (PDF).