Results of food shopping survey!

At the Cambridge Sustainable Food stall at the Eat Cambridge Fair on May 17th, 247 people responded to our short survey about their food shopping habits.

EC completing q'aireWe had three questions:

1. Where do you buy most of your food each week?

2. What are the 3 most important issues for you when buying food? (health; where food comes from; cost; quality/taste; convenience; something else)

3. How often do you eat meat? (2/3 times a day; once a day; 2/3 times a week; once a week; rarely/never)

Results for Question one

Question one: Where do you buy most of your food each week?

People who shopped only at supermarkets:   192 (78%)       People who shopped only at independents:     25   (10%)      People who shopped at both:                               25   (10%)          (5 people said “various”, which told us nothing.)

See here for a more detailed breakdown of the results.

Results for Question two

What are the 3 most important issues for you when buying food?

Quality/taste                                                   83%

Health                                                             57%

Cost                                                                53%

Where food comes from                                  51%

Convenience                                                    28%

Something else                                                6%

(It is likely that cost would play a smaller part for people attending a local food fair in an affluent city like Cambridge than elsewhere, but it is still interesting that “Where food comes from” is nearly as important as cost.)

Results for question three

How often do you eat meat?

2/3 times per week                                          40%

once a day                                                       31%

rarely / never                                                   16%

once a week                                                     12%

2/3 times a day                                                1%

This is less than the national average. The number of people who say they rarely or never eat meat is three times higher than the number of vegans/vegetarians in the population (5%). Defra reports that meat consumption is going down, but these results are still lower than average.