Sainsbury’s Waste Less Save More Campaign

sainsburysEncouragingly supermarkets appear to be joining the fight against food waste, with Sainsbury’s recently launching its ‘Waste Less, Save More’ campaign to help customers waste less food and save more money. Throughout September, Sainsbury’s will be sharing advice and tips on how to cut down on food waste and giving out campaign leaflets and 1 million free fridge thermometers in their stores. But it doesn’t end there, Sainsbury’s have stated that they will be investing £10 million over five years into research to discover the best ways to reduce food waste.

Top tips they are sharing with customers include:

  • Keep bananas out of the fruit bowl to stop other fruit ripening too quickly
  • Grate hard cheese, pop it in a resealable bag, freeze it, then cook with it later
  • Keep bread in a cool dark place (but not the fridge!) to make it last longer
  • Store the avocado half with the stone in
  • Buy frozen berries or mixed veg – they retain just as many (if not more!) nutrients and mean you can bulk up on fruit and veg, without worrying about it going off
  • Turn overripe bananas into banana bread, or add them to a smoothie!
  • Buy halves of things you often find yourself throwing away – most supermarkets sell half loaves of bread, cucumber halves etc.

By following tips such as these, research has shown that an average family could save up to £700 a year (that’s the amount spent on food that is thrown in the bin each year)!

It is surprising that we do not already try harder to save money through wasting less. A recent study conducted by Sainsbury’s, published in the Guardian, found that reducing food waste is a far less popular method of trying to save money than turning off lights or turning down the heating. The same survey also found that only 3% of UK adults feel ashamed at wasting food.

Take a look at the Sainsbury’s Waste Less Save More website for more savvy tips, advice and recipes, or follow the #WasteLessSaveMore discussions on twitter!