School food

The new School Food Plan aims to get school food back to a sustainable level, providing healthy, locally sourced food on the menu to more British school children.  Greater numbers of children eating a hot nutritious school lunch will not only help to make the system solvent and sustainable but will enable caterers to provide food of better quality and lower cost.  Much evidence (and a bit of common sense) tells us it will improve children’s wellbeing, achievements and behavior in the classroom and the playground.   From September 2014, free school meals will be available to all children in KS1.   New School Nutrition Standards will also be published and food and cooking will be back on the curriculum.

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Food Knowledge & Skills

With limited food knowledge and skills, it is difficult to make affordable and healthy choices for individuals and families.   Gaining experience and confidence with food needs to start young.   School children are interested in food and health.  Supporting education about healthy and sustainable food, getting kids involved through their schools, having hands on experience of planning, preparing, cooking and sharing food is the best place to start.