Supporting Campaigns

In addition to the ongoing national Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which the Cambridge Love Food Hate Waste campaign is a part, there are other food waste campaigns you can get involved with:


Feedback is an organisation founded by Tristram Stuart, author and food waste campaigner. On the Feedback website you can read about major campaigns Tristram founded, including:


pigideaThe Pig Idea

This what they say about the campaign:

“The Pig Idea is a campaign that aims to encourage the use of food waste to feed pigs. We aim to lift the EU ban on feeding catering waste, or swill, to pigs.

For thousands of years pigs have been mankind’s perfect partner: they consume waste and convert it back into food, i.e. pork. Following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth and its devastating consequences on British farming in 2001, the government introduced a ban on feeding catering waste to pigs. A short-term ban during the crisis may have been justified, but science has shown that cooking leftover food renders it safe for pigs. Currently much of Europe’s livestock feed is soy, grown in South America where rainforest is being cut down at an alarming rate. 97 percent of global soy production is used for animal feed and Europe now imports 40 million tonnes of soymeal a year.

In the UK, thousands of British pig farmers have gone out of business largely owing to the soaring prices of animal feed. Food prices are rising as pigs are fed the very same wheat, soy and maize that we humans want to eat. This campaign aims to lift the ban on feeding catering waste, or swill, to pigs.” (from the Feed Back website)

Read more about the Pig Idea here and sign the pledge. You can also go directly to the Pig Idea’s own website.


Gleaning Network

TGelaning-cauliflowershe Gleaning Network coordinates volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities in order to salvage the thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe, and direct this fresh, nutritious food to people in need. People from Cambridge regularly glean from farms in Cambridgeshire, south Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

In January 2016, Feedback’s Gleaning Network began an important partnership with FoodCycle. From Farm to Fork will train and empower young people (18-24) to tackle food waste and address social isolation. It is one of 31 UK projects within Our Bright Future: a forward-thinking social movement that supports young people to lead progressive change in their communities and local environment.

Gleaning Network UK is fast expanding to become a nationwide project. From their start in 2012 to the end of 2015, the Gleaning Network gleaned 188 tonnes of produce – equal to more than 2 million portions of fruit and veg – with over 1,000 volunteers across 99 gleaning days. They already have hubs in London & Essex, Kent, Sussex, the North West (Lancashire & Merseyside), West England (from Warwickshire to Bristol) and East England (Cambs, South Lincs and Norfolk).

Over the next few years they will be bringing gleaning to further corners of the UK, to work with more farmers, volunteers, communities and charities — and ramping up their campaign to end food waste on farms!

Sign up to their gleaning list here.


Stop Dumping

The Stop Dumping campaign strives to reduce the food waste that occurs on farms. Feedback has met with farmers in the UK, Kenya, Peru and Guatemala, who have all been forced to waste food on their forms for two major reasons. First, supermarkets dictate strict product specifications to farmers meaning that they’ll only buy fruits and vegetables that fit demanding size, shape and colour specifications – regardless of the nutrition, taste and value of the food. Second, last minute order cancellations by supermarkets and the businesses they are supplied by leave many farmers without any compensation and no market to sell their food to. Feedback is continuing to investigate this scandal, to hopefully improve both farmer livelihoods and the environment.


Ugly fruit and veg

Similar to the Stop Dumping initiative, this international campaign (which is very active on twitter) campaigns to get shops to sell misshapen fruit and veg (usually more cheaply) and has had quite a lot of success. To keep up with the campaign, follow them on twitter:@UglyFruitAndVeg or Facebook. This is something we can encourage supermarkets and shops to do.




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